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Our Mission

With our combined experience in media, communications and event production, we make sure you have the best service at the best value. A personalised experience and a clear understanding of our offering. We communicate in a clear and understanding way so you can communicate your message with those who matter the most for you and your organisation.

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Our Vision

We strive to be the world’s best webcast, streaming and event production agency. An agency with a diverse product and service offering. Services that cater and satisfy every need within our client's organisations, that are geared and perfected towards the needs of the IR sector, whilst using the newest and most advanced technologies.


We work with highly sensitive information and we know that your privacy is one of the most important aspects of your business. This is why we have one of the most strict forms of non-disclosure agreements with each of our employees and each of our suppliers. To re-enforce this agreement, we offer each of our clients the opportunity to sign a new agreement every time they request a new event with us.

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We adhere to our industry's code of ethics where we position our clients at the heart of everything we do. This is EVCOM's code of ethics, and all members are required to agree and comply with each point in order to help all members to stand out and create a common purpose across our industry. 


Our clients are our number one priority – client interests always come first.


We will hold our clients, partners and suppliers in the highest regard, irrespective of race, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation.


We will work with our client, all other suppliers and partners, as consummate professionals. We will operate on a trust-based partnership with all whom we work with to secure the best outcome for our client.


We will bring to bear our passion and the fire for our work that is a reflection of our commitment to our clients and a reflection upon us as professionals.


Everything we do on behalf of our client will stand the light of day. From income sources, to suppliers used, and fees invoiced.


In the service we provide, from advice to execution, we will strive always to do the best work possible for our clients.

Our Team.

Our team pulls together towards our collective targets. Each individual shines for who they are and excels at their own field. As Passionate producers and technicians, we strive to do always better, we all know that by working within the team and pulling in a single direction, we will receive our own approval as well as the satisfaction of knowing we did an excellent job.  

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Mario Hernandez

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Dave Auchterlonie

Executive Director


Danny Groves

Event Logistics


Mat Finet

Streaming Technician


Clair May

Executive Director

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Giles Holroyd

Senior Producer


Michael Gibson

Head of Digital Media


Wendy Perkins


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